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Monday, May 25, 2009

A Bank Holiday Weekend Well Spent

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Thank goodness for a three-day weekend. And even more thank goodness for a sunny London. I've maintained for ages that there's no city better in the world than London on a sunny day -- luckily that's roughly three out of 365 days per year or we'd be even more inundated with tourists than we already are!

So, with the sun at my back, I set off on a bike to the Eastern limits of London: to the Dartford Crossing on Queen Elizabeth II Bridge (pictured above). You can't actually bike across it, but they provide a free shuttle service for those cyclist adventerous enough to make it out that far. (I asked, and apparently they average about 20 cyclists per day).

All in all, a beautiful ride. I was able to catch some friends in East Dulwich for dinner and a pint in a biergarten, and I even managed to get my first (mild) sunburn that I remember getting in London, if you can believe it. A Bank Holiday weekend well spent, indeed!

My FunFact for the weekend (how long has it been since I've had one of those?) is that the M25 - the motorway circling London on the periphery - is not actually continuous. The Dartford Crossing is technically designated as an A-road and not a motorway so that vehicles that might otherwise be banned from crossing the bridge (southbound)/tunnel (northbound) can actually do so. See, you learn something new every day!

2nd May Bank Holiday Route, 24 May 2009
Chocolate Work > Purfleet > Across the QEII Bridge > Dartford > East Dulwich for a pint > Home = 40+ miles

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Yesterday's route

Made it about 30 miles yesterday. My legs are still burning a bit!

Yesterday's Bike Ride - 21 May 2009
Work > West Norwood > Coulsdon > Mitcham > Super market > Home

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Bike Regime Begins

Well, over the weekend I bought my first London bike. A bit scary I know, but I've discovered that the idea of riding a bike in London is generally a lot more frightening than the act itself. At least that's what I'm telling myself. :o)

I'm working up for a bike trip to Brighton, which is a good 50 miles from where I live in London. Should be a good way to prepare myself for a week-long bike journey around Belgium that is planned for mid-July.

So far I've enjoyed seeing new parts of London that I never even knew existed (it can get surprisingly spacious inside the M25 -- well along the outskirts at least). It's also amazing to me experiencing the otherwise familiar city on a whole new scale.

For the record, I thought I should try to keep track of my trips so that I could inspire myself to work harder. So here's a taste for those of you with GoogleMap minds to envision.

Today's Bike Ride - 19 May 2009
Work > Cheam > Carlston > Home = 25 miles

Yesterday's Bike Ride - 18 May 2009
Work > Croydon > Home = 20 miles