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Friday, June 12, 2009

Sucker for Sun

After a day of diligent WAHing (that's Working at Home for the uninitiated) I found myself looking for some semblance of human interaction. So I phoned a friend and he suggested I come up to his in North London for dinner and a fillum. In fact, I believe the direct quote was 'I dare you to cycle to mine'.

Well, the sun having come out (thank you and welcome back! You can stay now!!! Or actually, you can be rainy for the next two weeks while I'm away in sunny Kenya and Uganda, but you have to come back when I do), and not one to turn down a dare, I thought it sounded like a good deal.

My way there I explored Chelsea and some of the posher bits of London. It was lovely, but because the neighbourhoods are quite as old as they are, the roads were fairly narrow -- which means no bike lanes. Booo. But I'll tell you what, a lovely place to get lost in. And lost I did, but I think that's half of what exploration is all about. And plus, in the end I found myself upon a road I hadn't travelled in at least a year. There's truly nothing better than thinking you are completely lost and then making a few turns and recognising exactly where you are!

I also stumbled across this rather nifty building, the Pall Mall Deposit.

The way home I took a more direct route through central London (which I had avoided at rush hour on the second day of a two-day tube strike for obvious reasons). I managed to fairly shoot down Kilburn High Road, whizz past Edgware Road (had I gone any slower, the smell of grilling meet from the kebab places might of tempted me), and zip around Marble Arch and Hyde Park Corner. It was a perhaps a bit too much adrenaline though, as I managed to make a completely wrong turn at Victoria, which I didn't realise until the London Eye was looming directly in front of me. Nevertheless, a good bike home. I don't think I'd want to try that one while either impaired or during heavier traffic periods though!

Today's Ride - 10 June 2009
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