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Saturday, June 13, 2009


For those of you following me in Twitterland, you'll know that not only am I off to Uganda and Kenya tomorrow, but that I'm also feeling a bit unprepared for the whole thing. This morning I was looking at the health advice for the countries and realised that the entirety of Uganda is a 'high level risk' for malaria. Too bad I didn't have much left of my malarone stash...

So the bike journey today involved a stop off at a clinic to stock up and then a jounrey out west through Hammersmith then down to Kew Gardens and Richmond. Overall, not a bad trip. I was actually aiming for Windsor originally, but just didn't have the time in the end with all the waiting for anti-malarials. Well, maybe upon my return.

Over and out for a couple of weeks I suspect. I guess we'll see how the internet connection is.

Anti-malarial ride, 13 June 2009
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