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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Seeing green

On my last visit to the US in March, the trans-Atlantic leg of my flight was particularly empty. I had a full row to myself, and bodies dotted the section.

Today the flight is full, and I’m crammed into the back corner. At least it’s a window seat. More families flying than I’m used to – families out for summer jaunts in Europe, defying all my lofty predictions of Americans avoiding a too-expensive Europe this summer. London has swelled noticeably in the last month, both in numbers and in waistline. Summer, and America, has arrived.

My knees have been carefully hitting the back of a (junior?) high school girl sitting in front of me. During the flight she has been passing a crisp three-ring binder back and forth to her sister in the row ahead. A sudden nostalgic rush for the easy-to-organise days of high school swept over me.

As I stood up to stretch, I couldn’t help but sneak a peek at her black notebook as she was dutifully scribbling. ‘Then we went to Rome, which wasn’t as green as…’, I glimpsed the bubble letters to my delight.

What I wouldn’t give to be back on a school trip, where my careful assignment was to record observations and experiences. The beautiful simplicity found in a dusty Rome seemed a lavish break from The Economist’s woeful prognostications on the future of Zimbabwe that had so enthralled me just one seat, one step, behind.

As we whisk our way past Nunavut, I can only hope that Seattle and Colorado offer a paradoxical fresh start. A chance to disengage with global debates. A chance to revel at the majestic Rockies (no, not the baseball team, though I’m looking particularly forward to the game on Monday). A chance to see green…or possibly brown. It is Colorado after all!

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