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Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Much Needed Breath of Fresh Air

Well, I’ve been a bad blog updater of late, but what’s new, right? It probably has had something to do with the season, my work, and my foul mood, but times, they are a changing! Spring is in the air, and things are looking up.

I just got back from a week-long visit to the US where I returned to my alma mater, Whitman College, to help with a training program for the future Whitties that are going to China on the same program that I did. It was great to see everybody, especially since it was a couple of old school friends that will be going to Kunming where I was.

But more importantly, Walla Walla was a much needed breath of fresh air for me on several counts. I’m sure most of the people in Walla Walla got tired of me going on and on about this, but I couldn’t get over how fresh the air there is!!!! Descending into Walla Walla, the lights seemed brighter than usual (apparently there have been a few expansions at the state penitentiary), but it could have to do with the mist/rain that we were coming down into. The second I stepped off the plane though, I couldn’t get over how beautiful and clean the air smelled. After living in China, I just got used to the pollution. San Jose and London might be better than Kunming, which is probably why I hadn’t noticed how polluted it was until now, but nothing compares to good ole' Walla Walla!

More than the literal fresh air, though, the US was good for me in that it helped get me excited about life again. I think London has just been slowly but surely wearing me down, and I’m sure the fact that I can’t walk anywhere STILL because of my foot is part of the problem. I also think that it has a lot to do with the school, which doesn’t inspire creativity or exploration like Whitman. Back in the US, people seemed excited about life! I missed that feeling most of all, but I’ve gotten it back and am looking forward to taking on London in that new light.

Plus, I have a string of visitors starting tomorrow, so it should be a good change of pace here.

Also, if you’re looking for some inspiration, I’d highly recommend checking out the TED talks website to see what the movers and shakers are doing in this world!