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Saturday, August 13, 2005

America is Crazy...but we already knew that!

Hi everybody! Long time no write...but that's because I've been busy wandering around the wilds of the West of the United States. But now, in this modern jungle of Seattle, I find myself caught waiting at the ferry terminal to head over to Bainbridge Island with a bit of time on my hands. I would point out that I narrowly missed the last ferry, arriving in time to watch it pull out of harbour, and this was ONLY because I had been delayed by a train one block away for like five minutes! Grrr. But, since we're so modern here (and since I got a new computer with a wireless modem!!), I'm able to sit here and send this post to all of you. How far we've come since last I was here.

And isn't that true. I mean the US is filled with useful new sh...tuff. For example, doggy ice cream. Where would America's dogs be without it? Probably not suffering from obesity like their owners.

Non-profit fundraisers have also seemed to score two new coups--magnets and bracelets. Who knew plastic could be so stylish?! In China bumber stickers are quite rare (at least I have never noticed them, but I doubt that they Chinese would ruin the beauty of their new cars with them). But in the US, a new trend has started since my absence--the magnetic ribbon. I've seen everything from yellow ribbons to US-flag ribbons (both for the troops I believe) to red ribbons (AIDS?), to pink ribbons. Interesting idea, though it seems to have gone overboard--they are everywhere!!

A good match perhaps is what I refer to as the "rubberband bracelets" for I do not know what they are really called. They come in all the colors of the rainbow (and in fact I've seen rainbow ones embossed with the word "slurpee," some cause, and with "equality" but that's entirely different), although the most popular seems to be Lance's yellow wrist bands. Whatever works for people I suppose.

The other thing that did surprise me was that the grand opening of a new supermarket in my town they already had the Halloween candy up, and it's only August 10th! What's the US coming to?! Oh, that and renting DVDs from McDonalds, what's that about (not that it's necessarily a bad idea that)?

But really, overall I've found my transition back to the US to be quite easy this time, and I am certainly enjoying myself. Highlights of my stay in FoCo (besides seeing friends and family of course) include going to the Sundance (a country bar) and doing some line dances, playing Karaoke Revolution (a video game only the Japanese could invent that rates your singing ability), a trip down to Denver where I went to Denver's Dragon Boat Festival (don't get me started about this), and a couple of trips to Boulder, once to watch my friend's African dance performance.

So, overall, I'd call it a good trip home. I saw lots of people, managed to eat at some of my old favorite restaurants (not to mention a new really excellent one, The Melting Pot), drank lots of good wine, and gained way too much weight. And now, it's the northwest for me!